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Fanfarlo – Good Morning Midnight

We went to the doctor yesterday and the he said he expects to see this baby in the next week.  Little Abe will be here before we  know it (Lord willing!).  We are anxious and excited and, believe it or not, ready.  I know this is the part where all you parents laugh and giggle and swear that we’ll bite our tongues for saying that.  You may smirk and smile and suggest that we have no idea what’s about to happen and that we’ll never get sleep again for the rest of our lives and that one day we’ll “really understand”.  You know what?  I’m sure you’ll be right.  But you know what else, we really don’t care!  We are ready:

– Ready to hold our baby boy

– Ready to look into his little eyes and hold his little hands

– Ready to see my proud, beautiful wife be a mother with her son

– Ready to see both sets of parents become Grand before my very eyes

– Ready to read to him, even though it will be some time before he understands

– Ready to increase my prayer life (while I incessantly beg for God to stop the crying)

– Ready to be a father, to raise up a man after God’s own heart

– Ready to lose sleep, because we’re ready for the Harrison family to grow

– And last but not least, ready for our family photos to include one more, even if Zeke doesn’t look too thrilled about the idea.

Just the three of us...for one last time.

Love and peace.  Pray for Amy and Abe.  Pray for Zeke to grow into his role as a big brother.  And pray for me that I don’t faint and fall or slip into a cold coma.