Walkin’ Man / March 2011 from Harrison Family on Vimeo.


One year ago, today, I was tired.  I’d argue even more tired than my wife.  Sure she had just given labor, all-natural labor at that.  And maybe Abe was a big 9-pound, 7-ounce monster.  But she had the mama-adrenaline going.  I was holding on to the bed to keep myself upright.

I say all that, knowing that most of you women have rolled your eyes so far in the back of your heads that you can no longer read this, but also knowing that I’m about to redeem myself.  Hopefully.

Today is our little boy’s first birthday.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, I present to you my Christmas gift to Amy.  A little video from all our little videos throughout the year.  A gift we’ll treasure as a family for a long time.  A year in the life of Joshua Abraham Harrison.

Enjoy.  Maybe in segments.  It’s long.  Like 20 minutes long!  So take it slowly.  Maybe let it remind of your firstborn’s first year.  Maybe let it help you dream of a firstborn’s first year one day soon.  But do enjoy.

A Year in the Life of Abe from Harrison Family on Vimeo.

Sending a big THANK YOU! out to Whitney Loibner for her great work.  Check over at her blog to see a preview of the first ever Harrison Family portraits.

Click here to get there. Enjoy!

We took Abe to the park over the weekend to give him his first swing experience.  The little man loved it…as you can tell.  Enjoy.

We took the little man (or little lion) last night to Boo at the Zoo.  We were hoping to see a few animals (not so much), but even more, we were just looking for another reason to put his Halloween costume on.  Amy picked it up at a consignment sale for 6 bucks.  We think it was worth every penny.  Enjoy.


Not quite crawling yet…but this is about as cute as it gets.  Enjoy.